CES 2022: NeuTigers to Showcase its Edge Artificial Intelligence Technology that Unlocks the Next Wave of Smart Healthcare Solutions

CES 2022

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Let’s Meet at CES, Las Vegas Convention Center

Booth # 9616

 At CES 2022, NeuTigers, will launch its Edge-AI technology platform that promises to shape the future of many industry applications – from Healthcare to Industrial IoT, Cybersecurity, and more.

 “We are very excited to contribute to the world’s most influential technology innovations event and we look forward to engaging with new industry partners,” said Adel Laoui, CEO and Founder of NeuTigers.

NeuTigers started as an Edge-AI company focused on AI algorithms able to decipher the physiological signature of medical conditions to detect, monitor, and manage chronic diseases. The company has now built a disease detection and prevention platform called StarDeep and its first flagship product CovidDeep to screen for COVID-19 infection is going through an FDA premarket submission for Software as Medical Device (SaMD) 510k application.

NeuTigers is also conducting several clinical trials with solutions ranging from sickle cell disease pain crises prevention to mental-health disorders detection, screening for diabetes, and more.

Concurrently, NeuTigers is trailblazing disease management practices with its integrated care transformation platform. The idea is to go beyond disease detection and to empower patients and providers to be better informed and more active in managing specific conditions.

The company’s care transformation platform integrates three critical components:

  1. A community-focused care coordination platform for better engagement,
  2. Real-world data monitoring dashboard to assess at-risk patient populations,
  3. Regulated diagnostics to detect early signs of various disease symptoms before flare-ups, clinical exacerbation, and, ultimately, hospitalization.

Below are some fantastic reasons to meet NeuTigers in Las Vegas:

  • Edge-AI Technology: Learn and discuss how Edge-AI platform is empowering healthcare solutions and beyond.
  • Smart HealthCare: Check out a demo of our clinically validated StarDeep product line and how we enable a new normal in healthcare. From real-world data collection to real-time disease detection and diagnosis, to AI-powered remote monitoring, to predictive analytics and health risk stratification.
  • Hardware IoT, Mobile, and Wearable: Brainstorm how your hardware and our Edge-AI innovations combined with 5G networks will supercharge the intelligent capabilities of your edge devices.
  • Synthetic Data: Discover how a new revolutionary approach using synthetic data augmentation solves the costly requirements of big data for accurate neural network training.

“The opportunity of Edge-AI is clear: it enables the next generation of intelligent products and services. It brings AI to resource-constrained devices. This happens in real-time, is personalized, scalable, and provides a higher level of security and privacy than conventional AI,” Mr. Laoui added. 

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