Meet NeuTigers at CES 2022
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Discover our Edge Artificial Intelligence Technology That Unlocks The Next Wave Of Smart Healthcare Solutions

Neutigers CES 2022

Some fantastic reasons to meet NeuTigers in Las Vegas:

Edge-AI Technology:

Learn and discuss how Edge-AI platform is empowering healthcare solutions and beyond.

Smart HealthCare:

Check out a demo of our clinically validated StarDeep product line and how we enable a new normal in healthcare. From real-world data collection to real-time disease detection and diagnosis, to AI-powered remote monitoring, to predictive analytics and health risk stratification.

Synthetic Data:

Discover how a new revolutionary approach using synthetic data augmentation solves the costly requirements of big data for accurate neural network training.

Hardware IoT, Mobile, and Wearable:

Brainstorm how your hardware and our Edge-AI innovations combined with 5G networks will supercharge the intelligent capabilities of your edge devices.

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