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Chief AI Officer

  • Reports to: Chief Executive Officer 
  • Revision date: June 2022 
  • Classification: Full or Part-Time Position  
  • Location: Remote and at NeuTigers’ discretion 
  • Start date: January, 2023 


Company Overview: 

Launched in 2018, NeuTigers is driving groundbreaking Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to the edge, improving how people and companies manage their health, operate their businesses, and protect their data, applications, and network systems. 

A spinout of Princeton University, NeuTigers is fueled by breakthrough Intellectual Property (IP) from some of the world’s leading researchers and scientists. Our patented edge AI technology stack platform is at the core of our ability to accelerate the construct of real-world problem-solving solutions and allows for broad and rapid deployment at scale across many industry domains or sectors. 

Our team is an interdisciplinary band of serial entrepreneurs who are passionate about the greater good. We embrace the notion of transforming society, catalyzed by innovative, secure, and industry-validated AI-powered applications. 

NeuTigers is an Edge-AI startup that helps transform businesses by bringing innovative and intelligent services close to data sources and point of use. Our key focus and enabling technologies are products & services that supercharge edge analytics. 

We’re developing the next generation of energy and latency efficient artificial intelligence tools that are automating a highly complex process and allow a massive compression of machine learning models while keeping its accuracy. It dramatically cut memory footprint, inference run-time, and energy consumption so that it can embed advanced intelligence across cloud, mobile devices (smart phones/watches, wearables), edge devices and IoT sensors. Therefore, decreasing bandwidth load, reducing latency, ensuring data privacy and increasing reliability. These novel technologies will unleash unseen personalized applications across many industry and consumer sectors.  

We’re productizing the technology in our core healthcare vertical. We are providing AI-augmented decision support solutions for targeted chronic and rare diseases through remote detection and monitoring of early onset of symptoms before the crisis happens or exacerbates, which allow more proactive intervention and cost-effective care management applications. 

Our technology platform is transversal across many industries, and we’re addressing specific needs for Industrial 4.0 IoT verticals such as Automotive to power the driver monitoring systems, Energy to monitor battery management systems, and Aerospace to enable predictive maintenance along the supply chain. 


Beyond increasing access to personalized intelligent services, we also preserve privacy & security. We provide an innovative proprietary technique for detecting unknown system vulnerabilities of an IoT sensors network, manage associated vulnerabilities and improve incident response when such vulnerabilities are exploited. 

NeuTigers is committed to leveraging its technology to enrich and positively impact society. We believe that AI should have meaning and purpose so that it can serve everyone. Deploying it on the edge increases access and efficiency, reduces computing costs, provides better security, and preserves privacy. 

The Impact You’ll Have

You will play a pivotal role in developing the product roadmap aligned with NeuTigers’ vision, goals, and initiatives to significantly diversify sources of revenue and grow the company. 

You will be responsible for building a team of data scientists that will deliver value across NeuTigers. You will recruit, direct and lead data scientists to advance key analytics projects across healthcare, industrial IoT and cybersecurity applications. 

Your primary focus is leading the full life cycle of NeuTigers’ projects, working side by side with a multidisciplinary, international team of world-class professionals in healthcare and industrial IoT verticals, for supporting business value potential identification, managing research and platform engineers, and working with technology teams to deliver innovative AI/ML solutions from design, prototype development, to full commercial deployment and operation. 

You will offer technical direction and put the necessary roles and processes in place to ensure sound decisions are made by identifying and surfacing staffing needs, elevating our human resources processes, and rapidly growing the team, ensuring diversity and inclusion. You will drive cohesion at the engineering management layer, structure, and lead a diverse team for development efficiency as well as plan strategically for the growth, development, and evolution of its team members. 

We’re seeking an experienced AI/ML executive leader who will share NeuTigers’s passion for innovation at multiple stack layers including neural networks optimization algorithms, edge computing and deployment technologies, cybersecurity, and targeted smart applications across healthcare, and industrial IoT markets.  

This role requires a proven track-record of prior experience with AI-powered products and their regulations, a wealth of both process and technical knowledge about data workflow management, analytics, devices hardware, security, storage compliance, and network service delivery within edge and cloud development. 

As a visionary and an operator, you will plan and lead successful deployments of analytics solutions testing, incorporating AI/ML solutions where relevant and applicable, seeking both quick wins and long-term, high-value solutions. 

In addition, you will act as a liaison between multiple functions such as End-User (clients) communities, Software Engineering, Product Management, Regulatory, Quality and Medical Science to design and implement efficient technologies. 

More specifically, in this role, you will: 



  • Co-create our multi-year strategy, anticipating and identifying cross-functional initiative needs, priorities and policies. 
  • Define, along with other functions, the development roadmap enabling the group to design, develop, deploy, and support a portfolio of AI-powered solutions for global distribution that generate both cost savings and revenues. 
  • Provide ideas and insights into new business models that could be enabled using AI. Be a go-to person for C-Suite executives to implement AI in their functional areas. 
  • Identify AI projects of high business impact including both product-related projects, and also research projects. Collaborate/communicate effectively with product owners representing different product lines. 
  • Determine OKRs, project planning, and resource requirements to accomplish projects and support users. Ensure implementation of success metrics, reports, and processes to measure program effectiveness.  
  • Prepare the strategy/plan for ethical AI and oversee its implementation across all AI projects. Get involved with the interaction related to ethical AI with stakeholders, including customers/partners AI governance team, auditors, and regulators, on an ongoing basis. 
  • Hire a team of data scientists; Keep a check on newer hiring requirements on an ongoing basis. Provide training and mentoring to the team. 
  • Provide thought leadership and lead external collaborations and partnerships in the edge analytics space to advance our strategic portfolio. Take part in communication with customers, partners, and media stakeholders. 
  • Build a general interest enterprise by creating partnerships and interfacing with existing funding entities (e.g., private-public sector, foundations, philanthropy). 


  • Strategize and prioritize new opportunities that leverage data science products for a wide variety of use cases across healthcare, IoT verticals such as automotive, energy, aerospace, smart cities, and cybersecurity for the edge network. 
  • Oversee the development, implementation and execution of multiple projects, ensuring scope and schedule are established for projects. Oversee the operating plan and resource allocation for the department, including prioritization and staff deployment. Act based on changed priorities. 
  • Develop a close collaboration with R&D, Technology and Commercial stakeholders to understand their needs, strategic priorities and pain points. 
  • Establish the AI projects/products implementation processes (ML model development lifecycle) including project inception, exploration phase, model building phase, model deployment and model retraining. Ensure the project implementation governance on an ongoing basis. 
  • Play a key role in deciding technologies and related roadmap for development, testing, deployment of AI/machine learning models. 
  • Work with legal, security, and compliance teams. Maintain and respect confidentiality and HIPAA/GDPR guidelines. Advise on health data interoperability (technical & semantic) for interfacing with digital health information systems. 
  • Champion plan and oversee the implementation of quality assurance processes in relation to model testing by different stakeholders; Model performance testing, model acceptance testing by product managers/consultants/customers, other forms of testing as applicable. 
  • Lead the plan and manage the implementation of AI infrastructure to be used for model training/retraining and model deployment in production. Ensures the use of cloud services vis-a-vis local infrastructure for fulfilling different requirements.

The ideal candidate will

  • Deep and extensive knowledge and expertise with analytical tools and techniques expertise in data sciences, big data, predictive analytics, visualization, natural language processing, technical direction, investment decisions and technology interdependencies. 
  • PhD, in a mixed-methods disciplines with digital platform experience/technical background like health informatics, IoT devices technology, and predictive analytics. 
  • 10+ years of hands-on experience in building and executing complex analytical and data science/ML projects in a business setting, preferably in industrial IoT, healthcare, and cybersecurity domains. 
  • Understanding business problems, data structure, labeling and workflow, and identifying the relevant AI/ML technics for developing applicable intelligent technology solutions with innovative business models. 
  • Nuances related to building machine learning models including data preparation and feature engineering techniques, building ML Neural Network (NNs) models and related AI-ML algorithms. 
  • Ability to evangelize and train users within a global organization, providing leadership in data science/machine learning. 
  • Demonstrated success in planning and executing high value projects based on strategic business direction and expected outcomes with clear articulation of benefits, costs and risk. 
  • Highly analytical and capable of understanding the complexities of clinical trials and the healthcare provider business processes and enterprise IT environments, while communicating and presenting clearly to technical and non-technical stakeholders and decision makers. 
  • Excellent communication, presentation, social, and analytical skills; the ability to communicate complex interaction concepts clearly and persuasively across different audiences and varying levels of the organization. 
  • Hands-on experience designing and implementing cloud, mobile solutions to target both iOS, Android platforms from development to market – experience in leading medical or tech device software development is a clear plus. 
  • DevOps concepts for ML pipeline automation. Develop and deploy models into production, working collaboratively with the data platform team to incorporate MLOps. 
  • A sense of urgency, and a passionate drive for problem-solving to create repeatable and rapidly scalable solutions that have lasting impact. 


Your values align with ours: 

  • Social Conscience, Customer Empathy, Entrepreneurship, Data-driven, Effectiveness, Curiosity, Collaboration, Creativity, Leadership. 


Location: Virtual, with about 30% face to face time at the Company’s HQ in Brooklyn, NY. 


NeuTigers is an equal opportunity employer and strictly prohibits unlawful discrimination based upon an individual’s race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, national origin/ancestry, age, mental/physical disability, medical condition, marital status, veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law. 

If you have a disability and need an accommodation in connection with the on-line application process, please email us at [email protected]