Using commercially available wearable medical sensors including smartwatches and smartphones, we can detect COVID-19 infection with high sensitivity and specificity. We have created an AI-powered monitoring and screening tool to recognize patterns in a small amount of biometric data from confirmed COVID-19 individuals and asymptomatic carriers. CovidDeep provides rapid, real-time screening - so individuals can self-quarantine sooner, get treatment faster, and the world can get back to work and restart the economy.

CovidDeep enables early detection of COVID-19 using a combination of widely available sensors, without invasive specimen collection. Our proprietary grow-and-prune neural network synthesis algorithm not only improves accuracy, but also shrinks model size and reduces computation costs. CovidDeep consists of an app for data collection and deployment of the neural network model for prediction of COVID-19. We are using a proprietary platform in the back end to process data, perform the AI training and generate accurate, energy-latency-efficient neural network models. Finally, because the app can be easily deployed on an edge device, personal data remain private, secure and HIPAA/GDPR compliant.


Read our press release about the CovidDeep launch and our strategic partnership with Rajant Corporation

Get more in-depth information about the case study for CovidDeep and early results from our clinical trials

CovidDeep's neural networks models are trained using AI deep learning technologies to recognize patterns obtained from a diverse ensemble of biometric data. To fully enable its capabilities, we are continuously providing it with more data to distinguish between healthy, asymptomatic, and symptomatic individuals. If you are interested in participating in our ongoing clinical studies and field testing validation please complete the form below. All media, research, sales, or investor inquiries can also complete the form below.

Study participant disclaimer

Thank you for your interest in volunteering to help us confront SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19 detection. We wish we could work with all interested parties, but are limited by geography, resources, and logistics. In case your current circumstances are not favorable for our study, we will keep your information on file for 3 months, in the interest of future research.


Founded in 2018, NeuTigers offers a groundbreaking Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to the edge, improving how people and companies manage their health, operate their businesses, and protect their data. A spinout of Princeton University, NeuTigers leverages world-class research created by top scientists. NeuTigers is committed to leveraging its technology to provide a positive impact on society.

Healthcare: NeuTigers has created a healthcare framework that provides solutions for an array of diseases. Individuals can better monitor and manage their health issues with commercially available wearable devices.

IoT: An estimated 75 billion IoT devices will be connected to the Internet by 2025. NeuTigers’ unique IPs address the big data bottleneck, energy consumption, and latency issues that are commonly faced. As a result, we provide sensor-based enterprise and consumer-level device's applications to run more efficiently and seamlessly.

Cybersecurity: When privacy and hacking consume the headlines, NeuTigers addresses these threats with patent-pending security solutions. Now your smart applications are better protected on your edge devices and in the network, especially in the high capacity 5G networks.

Check back here as we release more information in the coming weeks about NeuTigers’ forthcoming projects to drive meaningful change through AI around the world.