Enabling Smart Applications at Scale for the Intelligent Edge Network

NeuTigers is an Edge-AI startup that helps businesses struggling to bring intelligent services close to the data sources and to the point of use.

We’re commercializing exclusive IPs algorithms from the Princeton University Department of Electrical and Computing Engineering.

NeuTigers is developing portable end-to-end machine learning applications based on uniquely compact, accurate, energy and latency-efficient neural network models that can be embedded in any resource-constrained connected objects.

We’re productizing the technology in our primary medical-healthcare market. The company is making strides to transform healthcare and research through remote patient monitoring, collection of real-world evidence, and advanced Edge-AI analytics to predict chronic and acute medical conditions and enable early intervention.

We believe that Edge-AI will redefine healthcare delivery and consumer wellbeing, across a range of existing and future devices and technologies.

Beyond our core business in Healthcare, our edge AI technologies are being deployed in industrial IoT and Cybersecurity.

Edge-AI Algorithms

Algorithms for Efficient Neural Networks (DNN & CNN)

Synthetic Data