Train & Optimize your Deep Learning Models

NeuTigers takes your core algorithm training from hours to minutes, and train and optimize your deep learning models so that deep learning engineers focus on what they do best: solving the world’s most complex problems. 

Train & Optimize your Deep Learning Models
Train & Optimize your Deep Learning Models

From Hours to Minutes

Learn how to train & optimize your deep learning models and improves the memory usage, accuracy and speed of your machine learning models.
Train & Optimize your Deep Learning Models

Go Beyond Pruning

Using NeuTigers’ Grow and Prune paradigm NeuTigers platform dramatically improves computation and memory usage for your deep learning models optimization. 

By combining real-world data with synthetic data we improve accuracy by 3.6%, and reduce the number of parameters (floating-point operations) by 4.7×. 

Designed for Edge & Cloud

Leave deep neural network optimization to NeuTigers’ platform and empower developers to select the best models for their edge or cloud applications. Learn about AI in the automotive industry

deep learning neural network optimization

Our Secret Sauce

Improve Energy Efficiency 

10 – 100 NanoJoules

We optimize battery usage time

Optimize Latency Efficiency


We reduce delays in processing & decision making, and improve customer experience

Increase Accuracy

We increase sample-sized and accuracy with synthetic data augmentation approach

Scale Portability

Cloud server to mobile and wearable

 Any hardware

Improve access to personalized services while preserving privacy & security

Deep Learning Model Optimization

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