Machine learning on the edge

About Us


We are a Machine Learning company, a spin out from Princeton University, that offers industry professionals & individuals a horizontal end-to-end platform enabling embedded intelligence across cloud, edge devices (smartphones, wearables) and sensors to perform more automated learning and inference.


We will become a leading provider of Machine Learning applications that creates value for diverse industries.


We are expanding applicability and deployment at scale of next generation energy-efficient Machine Learning technologies to accelerate training in cloud, distribute intelligent models more widely, and drive accurate on-device inference.


Our Team

Adel Laoui, PhD


CEO & Co-Founder

Adel Laoui is an international executive leader with 20+ years business expertise in pharmaceuticals and healthcare technologies with a core background in big data and predictive analytics.  In the last decade, he has focused his skills and efforts as an entrepreneur in medtech and machine learning technologies startups.  He holds a PhD in Life Sciences and Informatics as well as an MBA in finance, marketing and business strategy.

 Niraj K. Jha, PhD


Niraj Jha is a professor of Electrical Engineering at Princeton University.  His research interests include smart healthcare, Internet-of-Things (IoT), machine learning, cybersecurity, embedded computing, energy-efficient computing, and monolithic 3D IC design. He has authored or co-authored more than 400 technical papers and is the holder of 17 U.S. patents.  He has a Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering from University of Illinois, Urbana, IL.


Multi-Disciplinary Expertise


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