We are creating end-to-end smart healthcare solutions for diseases prediction and monitoring. Developing predictive and cost-effective care management applications for major chronic diseases.


We are enabling partners' solutions with our proprietary Edge Analytics Technology. We simplify at-scale edge inference applications across hardware platforms, industrial IoT and cloud applications.

What Do We Do?

NeuTigers brings Edge-AI Analytics to the next generation of intelligent products and services. We bring AI to resource-constrained devices.

This happens in real-time, is personalized, scalable, and provides a higher level of security and privacy than conventional AI.

NeuTigers assists enterprise, healthcare and industrial companies deploy AI at scale.

The proliferation of wearable technology has enabled capturing of a wide array of data.

However, there are limitations to these devices. 

The challenge of edge-AI revolved around two key issues:

  • Training machine learning models require a lot of quality labeled data, yet most data samples are limited.
  • Devices and IoT sensors are resource-frugal (poor energy and latency efficiency, limited computing power, and storage capacity).

We have built a full-stack solution to address the traditional challenges of edge-AI, with an energy- and latency-efficient platform that shrinks complex AI models by 10x while maintaining more than 90% accuracy—1.2x better than traditional neural networks.

Our synthetic data generation engine provides quality data, while our CTRL algorithm ensures accurate data labeling, for advanced ML model training. 

The technology can be securely deployed on any edge device, increasing access to personalized services while preserving privacy.

NeuTigers in a Nutshell

NeuTigers is an edge-AI analytics platform co-founded by the head of computer engineering at Princeton University.

Healthcare Products

AI is positively impacting everyone’s life. Embedded in machine learning models our solutions provide high quality, attentive and personalized care to those who need it most: people living with chronic disease, medically underserved populations, people living in remote locations.

NeuTigers’ Care Transformation Platform is a product suite that reduces health inequity and improves communication among the healthcare ecosystem.

Detect & Monitor

Patients use their smartwatches and mobile apps to monitor diseases and mental health conditions (Download the whitepaper: How is Artificial Intelligence Improving Mental Health Treatment).

Read the CovidDeep case study.

At Home Care Engagement

Patients at home need custom care and personalized monitoring. NeuTigers provides engagement, education, and monitoring. Read about our work on monitoring Sickle Deep disease patients.

Understand your Health Data

Analyze and take action based on any risk data set to improve patient care and outcomes. Run risk analytics on your population. View risk charts based on your data for overall and risk factor-specific populations.

Clinical Partnerships

Technology Solutions for
IoT & Edge Analytics

Synthetic Data Platform

Do you have a limited data set to train your ML Model?


Get access to a free trial version of our Synthetic Data generation platform and learn how to generate extremely accurate synthetic data from a small sample or real-world numerical labeled data.

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