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AI Ethic Statement


We at Neutigers believe in the transformative power of AI to enhance our lives and contribute to creating a better world for all its inhabitants. Recognizing its potential for both positive and potentially unethical applications, Neutigers is dedicated to ensuring the ethical use of AI.


Therefore, we present our ethical guidelines below, inviting comments and feedback.


Neutigers Ethics Guidelines:

We pledge to actively contribute to and uphold industry best practices in AI ethics, utilizing AI for constructive purposes, avoiding harm, and ensuring the development of solutions rather than problems. We advocate for the inclusivity of AI, making its development accessible to everyone. The accuracy of any AI system's output must be rigorously assessed in relation to task requirements to prevent any violation of the principles outlined below.


In determining our engagement with third parties regarding the use of our AI technologies, we will adhere to the following criteria:


Fairness and equality: AI development should not exploit, discriminate, or introduce bias against any group of people. The focus of AI should be on enhancing human capabilities, not replacing them.



AI should be developed in a manner that avoids causing harm to the environment.



We commit to openness about the methodologies guiding our AI systems' development and operation. The data used to train AI systems should be traceable and of known origin.


Privacy and security:

Protection of privacy rights is paramount in the creation or deployment of AI systems. Data used for training networks must comply with local privacy legislation and be securely stored. AI systems should be secure to prevent tampering, such as the introduction of bias or other undesirable traits.


Neutigers will assess any engagement against these principles. An ethics committee, comprising a minimum of three members of the senior leadership team and any specialists needed to advise on specific circumstances, will oversee engagements and be accountable for decisions based on these principles. We welcome collaboration with partners and customers who share our ethical values.


Given the dynamic nature of AI technology, we anticipate the need to revise these guidelines to accommodate unforeseen use cases or changes in government legislation. Our commitment remains steadfast, guided by the core principles outlined above, with periodic reviews to consider additional elements.


For inquiries, please contact Neutigers at

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