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Transformative AI in Disease Management

Data- and device-agnostic, we are changing the healthcare game by accessing untapped, complex real-time health data and translating them into actionable, life-saving insights.

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NeuTigers has taken on the challenge of identifying and interpreting the subtle yet complex manifestations of physiological signals leveraging commercially available wearables and devices. StarDeep, our AI-powered inference solution, can capture, process, and analyze data from a range of specific vitals that make it possible to detect and monitor such diseases in a non-invasive way, in real-time.  This holds the potential to truly change the way that people can access care, overcoming long-standing barriers that have impeded equitable health care.

Stardeep Platform

StarDeep, our end-to-end software analytics platform, is a game-changer and allows for the seamless development of custom software- driven applications to solve many of healthcare’s pressing challenges.

StarDeep has the power to capture, process, and analyze data from any range of inputs: medical record, questionnaire, patient vitals, wearable/sensor data, etc.


The ability to process and interpret this complex set of data in real-time makes it possible to detect and monitor physical conditions, cognitive states
as well as diseases in a non-invasive and seamless way.

The output is a series of disease detection and screening models that can be deployed on any wearable or other hardware format and used to fundamentally change the way that people can receive and access care, overcoming long-standing barriers that have impeded equitable healthcare.

StarDeep, our end-to-end software analytics platform, is a game-changer and allows for the seamless development of custom software-driven applications to solve many of healthcare’s pressing challenges.

Real-world data collectionStarDeep was designed to overcome the harsh constraints of leveraging data at the Edge.


We made sure that our platform works seamlessly with a wide range of sensors, devices, and data sources without being tied to a specific manufacturer, model, or data format.


Our customers can now take full advantage of the true breadth of information about their assets, products and customers without limitation with true interoperable AI solutions that can be applied across any industry or use cases

Real-world data collection

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StarDeep Features

NeuTigers is transforming health outcomes with Precision Digital Health Solutions, enhancing Chronic & Rare Diseases management and prevention in real-time. Imagine, for instance, your smartwatch is now embedded with several DNNs for a set of diseases that are specifically aligned to your personal health profile and needs.


We empower healthcare providers, wellness channels, and insurers to deliver personalized, predictive, and preventative care like never before.  Here are the unique features and benefits of our smart healthcare digital health solution:

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StarDeep’s advanced technology integrates with smartwatches to offer real-time, personalized health monitoring, fostering patient engagement and improving disease management.

Personalized Health Monitoring

Leveraging our strategic alliance with a global electronics leader, StarDeep is ready for rapid deployment worldwide reaching diverse populations with advanced yet affordable healthcare technology.

Unparalleled Global Reach

Proactive Risk Management

NeuTigers excels in detecting and managing at-risk populations for chronic and rare diseases such as diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, sickle cell and others, allowing for early, targeted interventions to slow disease progression, avoid crisis and curb healthcare costs.

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Instant, Actionable Insights

Our deep learning models process biometric data on-device, delivering vital health insights to users and clinicians, facilitating data-driven decisions and improved care quality.

NeuTigers' solution enables early detection and personalized care, leading to significant healthcare savings by reducing hospital admissions, diagnostic tests, and medication costs.

Cost-Effective Care

Our technology offers a powerful tool for wellness channels and pharmaceutical companies to elevate the clinical study participant experience, foster customer engagement, promote adherence, and improve long-term health outcomes.

Boosted Customer Engagement

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Bringing the edge closer to you

StarDeep’s end-to-end software analytics platform is the backbone of any sector seeking to enable at-scale smart applications for the intelligent edge network. The integrating of each of its core technological components enable us to unlock a level of intelligence and efficiency unmatched in the industry.

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Clinically-validated platform

NeuTigers’ technology implies that the optimization has achieved the highest standards and outperforms other solutions in terms of efficiency and effectiveness for edge AI applications.


The deployment of Edge AI solutions in healthcare and wellness is a promising avenue for enhancing patient care, monitoring, and overall well-being. Implementing such solutions makes crucial to ensure their effectiveness and reliability, which is where clinical validation becomes essential.

More about Stardeep
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More about Stardeep

At the core of StarDeep is a feat of technology architecture with the painstaking integration of best-in-class AI building blocks. We started with our Grow-and-Prune ML optimization IP from Princeton and layered on a full synthetic data engine along with cutting-edge data labeling functionality to maximize StarDeep’s power and versatility.


StarDeep unlocks at-scale edge inference across hardware platforms and industrial IoT applications.With the benefit of embedded intelligent services on any device, our customers can now empower their business decisions with the true depth and breadth of insights that the edge can offer

State of the Art DNN Modeling

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Care Coordination Platform

While the amount of available data has exploded exponentially, most companies must deal withreal-world constraints and limitations in their ability to keep up and make sense of it all.


Our AI solutions consume minimal computational resources, memory, and power while maintaining high accuracy and responsiveness. This is crucial for applications like real-time processing, low-latency responses, and ensuring that AI functions optimally and effectively on devices with limited processing capabilities

Actionable insights

More about Stardeep
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This approach exploits the superior knowledge distillation capability of machine learning to extract real-time medical insights from health-related physiological signals, establishing digital biomarkers for various disease states.

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After training the models, our model only requires two minutes of data collection for local inference on the device, yielding real-time results thatpreserve privacy

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Each of the StarDeep products undergoes rigorous clinical trials under the supervision of trained clinicians. All the physiological signals and questionnaire data are collected under Institutional Research Board (IRB) approval. 


Disease Applications

NeuTigers is pursuing ambitious goals in healthcare, with an initial emphasis on several chronic and rare diseases. We are committed to deliver non-invasive, easily scalable and highly affordable detection, screening and monitoring solutions. Our innovative and unique solutions are designed to meet stringent requirements to ensure the clinical viability and patient relevance of our offerings:

- Clinical rigor
- Patient convenience
- Data privacy
- No WIFI or connectivity required
- Real-time, actionable insights

Our screening applications can offer a high negative prediction value, potentially saving billions of dollars in healthcare costs so that those resources can be reallocated to where they’re most needed, thus improving overall efficiency and utilization of healthcare.

The Next Era of Healthcare is beginning.

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Building on key learnings from the pandemic, NeuTigers developed a non-invasive, rapidly scalable solution to detect an infectious disease. It is currently under regulatory review for commercial release in 2 countries.


We have developed a tool in the battle against diabetes. Identification and prevention are essential to win this significant global challenge to individuals as well as the healthcare systems that are fighting it.


Mental health is another growing issue across the globe.  Our focus is on empowering our healthcare professionals with solutions to detect  and intervene as early as possible to improve patient outcomes.


Our solution can anticipate the onset of a Vaso-occlusive Crisis (VOC) so that healthcare professionals can intervene to minimize or even avoid the incredible pain and issues that these patients experience.


Case Studies

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Chronic diseases

Mental health

Infectious diseases

Cardiovascular diseases

Respiratory diseases

Rare diseases

Challenges We Address

Healthcare is in our DNA and so it should be no surprise that Healthcare and Wellness were the priority areas we committed to first, and with reason. While the life sciences community continues to make significant strides in developing new treatments for a variety of chronic or life-threatening diseases, scientific research still advances slower than the needs these patients have across the world.


Our solutions are changing that!


While StarDeep enabled us to develop edge-optimized disease screening and monitoring prediction models, our Care Coordination Platform literally puts these models in the hands of patients using wearables and chatbots.


Our team spent over a year designing and bringing to life a care transformation platform that integrates 3 components, (1) a community-focused care coordination for better engagement (intelligent chatbot), (2) a real-world data monitoring dashboard to assess disease population at risk and (3) regular screening to detect early onset of many diseases symptoms before the crisis happens or exacerbates.  Over the last few months, we’ve been working on integrating Generative AI to not only enhance patient engagement and adherence to treatment plans but also provide doctors with a comprehensive and deeper insights into patient progress, aiding in more precise treatment adjustments. 


We believe that this has a chance to significantly impact the $145 billion digital health market at a broad scale. In the near term, we are in the process of testing this new paradigm with cancer patients as well as patients afflicted with a neglected rare genetic disease called Sickle Cell Anemia that causes acute pain leading to frequent and costly ER visits and hospitalizations.

We are Care Transformers!

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