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Generate solutions for specific challenges

We are defining new boundaries at the Edge for industries looking for transformative results based on real-time actionable and predictive insights.

AI in smart homes can lead to more personalized living experiences, enhanced energy efficiency and comfort or improved accessibility and assistance by learning and adapting to residents' preferences and routines.


Our team is truly committed to developing new solutions to ensure that quality of life, security, safety and independence will improve greatly.

Smart Homes

Connected house with IoT applications

Smart Cities

Our partnership with several technology innovation groups in the UAE have opened the door to our involvement is several projects focused on paving the way for more livable, resilient, andadaptive cities.


This includes enabling real-time data analysis and decision-making, facilitating efficient resource management, advanced urban planning, and improved safety and conveniencefor residents.

Skyscrapers seen from a long distance at dawn time of the day

Smart Transportation

NeuTigers is already working on intelligent systems for predictive maintenance and personalized in-car experiences, significantly elevating both vehicle performance, driver safety and user satisfaction.


At a more macro level, the implementation of AI in smart transportation systems enables real-time data analysis and decision-making, taming traffic congestion, enhancing public transit efficiency and reducing environmental impact through optimized routes and schedules.

Futuristic connected transportation

While great advances are being made in this sector, we are exploring emerging opportunities in revolutionizing and democratizing farming practices.


Current areas of discussion center on providing real-time data for informed decision-making, and enhancing crop management through disease detection and yield prediction, leading to increased efficiency and sustainability in farming.

Smart Agriculture

Futuristic connected solutions for the agricultural domain

NeuTigers is building on our SHARKs proprietary IP to expand opportunities around advanced threat detection and response capabilities by analyzing patterns and anomalies in vast amounts of data, significantly enhancing security and resilience against sophisticated cyber attacks.

This is a game-changing platform for us and it is already being built into all of our StarDeep solutions, providing real-time, adaptive security solutions to combat the ever-evolving nature of cyber threats.


Cybersecutity abstract picture with pictos related to security systems and solutions

Having been selected by NSIN (National Security and Intelligence Network), NeuTigers has already engaged with various stakeholders across the DoD to address specific needs tied to  tracking and maximizing human safety.  We look forward to expanding conversations with local government bodies as well, to provide real-time insights analysis, and the optimization of  human performance, well-being and safety.

Government / Defense

National Defense employee sitting at his desk and checking his computer's screen with data
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