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How Does AI Reduce Medical Costs & Help Monitor Chronic Diseases?

January 27, 2022

Watch this video interview of NeuTigers’s CMO, Dr. Gregory Nicola MD, a practicing neuroradiologist to understand the benefits of AI on healthcare.

This conversation is part of NeuTigers AI Talk Series, a show demystifying Artificial Intelligence and its impact on the economy and our lives.

For Dr. Nicola, “AI applications have many potential use cases inside the healthcare world, NeuTigers is really focusing on two.

One is to improve the diagnostic accuracy of clinicians. And the second is to try to detect worsening of chronic disease so that we can intervene early and prevent the patient from being hospitalized.”

He adds, “Imagine a world where those applications are paired with at-home medical monitoring devices or wearable medical devices. Instead of interrogating or diagnosing the patient in a hospital emergency room, the patient is at home wearing these devices as an alert system. We can intervene earlier in the comfort of the patient’s home and at a cheaper rate. I see profound effects happening with AI applications across the care continuum.”


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