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NeuTigers Named In Fast Company’s Next Big Things In Tech 2021

Updated: May 4

November 19, 2021

Neutigers is names in Fasr Company's Next Big Things in Tech
Neutigers is names in Fasr Company's Next Big Things in Tech

NeuTigers, a company developing Edge-AI solutions to better impact human health announced today that it has been named to Fast Company’s inaugural Next Big Things in Tech list, honoring the technology breakthroughs that promise to shape the future of their industries—from healthcare to industrial IoT, cybersecurity, and more.

The final list, which includes global giants, intrepid startups, and research fresh from the labs, recognizes 65 technologies that are making waves. While not all of the products, services, and technological developments are on the market yet, they’re reaching key milestones on their journey to making a positive impact on consumers, businesses, and society at large within the next five years. The Next Big Things in Tech 2021 list also includes 33 honorable mentions.

NeuTigers is a spinout from Princeton University. Its on-device, Edge-AI solutions are powering healthcare innovations in the field of real-time disease detection and diagnostics.

“We are honored and humbled to have been selected for our achievements in bringing on-device or edge artificial intelligence industry applications to healthcare. We believe that Edge-AI, combined with innovations in non-invasive sensing medical devices, is redefining healthcare delivery and consumer wellbeing,” says Adel Laoui, CEO and Founder of NeuTigers.

NeuTigers’ proprietary IP overcomes the traditional challenges of AI solutions that are costly, demand high computing power, necessitate energy-intensive servers, and require data to be transferred between a device or a system and the cloud. Its breakthrough approach “shrinks” Neural Network models to be deployed directly on mobile and wearables rather than in the cloud. Powered by deep neural networks (DNNs) that mimic how the human brain perceives, learns, and interprets the world, NeuTigers’ Edge-AI solutions decrease bandwidth, reduce latency, preserve data privacy, and increase security without sacrificing accuracy.

In addition, while conventional AI applications require millions of data instances for training to generate accurate DNNs models, NeuTigers’ synthetic data augmentation technology requires only a smaller sample of thousands of real data instances to reach equivalent or even improved accuracy.

The opportunity of Edge-AI is clear: it enables the next generation of intelligent products and services. It brings AI to resource-constrained devices. This happens in real-time, is personalized, scalable, and provides a higher level of security and privacy than conventional AI.

From Edge AI Technology to Empowering Healthcare Solutions

NeuTigers started as an Edge-AI company focused on AI algorithms able to decipher the physiological signature of medical conditions to detect, monitor, and manage chronic diseases. The company has now built a disease detection and prevention platform called StarDeep and its first flagship product CovidDeep to screen for COVID-19 infection is going through an FDA premarket submission for Software as Medical Device (SaMD) 510k application.

NeuTigers is also conducting several clinical trials with solutions ranging from sickle cell disease pain crises prevention to mental-health disorders detection, screening for diabetes, and more.

“COVID-19 has catalyzed the trend towards a $10 trillion dollars virtual care market, according to a 2019 Gartner report. And we are ready and poised to capture a big chunk of this virtual care market to drive the disruptive transformation of the care delivery models,” Mr. Laoui commented.

Concurrently, NeuTigers is trailblazing disease management practices with its integrated care transformation platform. The goal is to go beyond disease detection and to empower patients and providers to be better informed and more active in managing specific conditions.

The company’s care transformation platform integrates three critical components:

  1. A community-focused care coordination platform for better engagement,

  2. Real-world data monitoring dashboard to assess at-risk patient populations,

  3. Regulated diagnostics to detect early signs of various disease symptoms before flare-ups, clinical exacerbation, and, ultimately, hospitalization.

“Our ambition is to improve quality of life, increase access to care and reduce the cost of care.  We have identified the problems by listening to the voice of patients and providers and we are dedicated to demonstrating better health outcomes and cost efficiency for all the solutions we bring to market,” added Mr. Laoui.

Fast Company is thrilled to highlight cutting-edge technologies that are solving real-world problems in unexpected ways. From climate change and public health crises to machine learning and security, these technologies will certainly have a profound impact on the future, and we’re honored to bring attention to them today,” says Stephanie Mehta, editor-in-chief of Fast Company.

Click here to see the final list.

The Winter 2021/2022 issue of Fast Company is available online now and will hit newsstands on December 7.


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About NeuTigers

NeuTigers is pioneering the application of state-of-the-art Edge-AI Intellectual Property from Princeton University. It specializes in solving healthcare and Industrial IoT problems using a unique energy/latency-efficient AI technology platform that can embed intelligent services to diverse hardware platforms from sensors to mobile devices and cloud servers.

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