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Podcast: Edge AI And Its Benefits | NeuTigers’s Dr. Adel Laoui

First published on IoT for All Dec. 7, 2021

This week, Neutigers Founder and CEO Dr. Adel Laoui joins us to discuss everything companies need to know about edge AI. Adel shares the benefits of edge AI over traditional AI, including its increased capacity for security in particularly vulnerable industries like healthcare, and where it has the greatest potential to grow.

To round out the episode, Adel shares some of his experiences applying edge AI in the real world, including NeuTigers’ recent solution CovidDeep. He speaks to what the solution is, how it’s currently being used, and how this model extends to other use cases NeuTigers is building for.

Dr. Adel Laoui is an International Senior Executive that has more than 20+ years’ experience in R&D interfacing between Life sciences and Technologies across US, EMEA and APAC. He is co-founder and CEO of NueTigers, a global leader in Edge Artificial Intelligence, bringing the transformative power of machine learning to help companies solve the world’s biggest health, energy, productivity, and security challenges.


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